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A Coalition for Independent Living in Worcestershire
In April 2010, service users and service user voluntary organisations met at a day conference in Worcester with County Council staff to discuss how best to progress the requirement for the County to facilitate a comprehensive User led organisation to meet Department of Health criteria by December 2010.

What is a ULO?
A ULO is an organisation that is run and controlled by people who use support services including disabled people, mental health service users, people with learning difficulties, older people, and their families and carers. (SCIE, 2009)

The Department of Health has produced 21 design criteria to describe what a ULO looks like and the sorts of services that it provides. A ULO does not have to fulfil all of the design criteria and, in reality, most do not but may well work with others to deliver services.

We will do this by:
. Building a stronger collective voice - from grassroots actions through to getting heard at the highest strategic levels
. Enabling greater choice - supporting people with the decisions they make to manage and develop the services and informal support they need for independent living
. By the delivery of services, suitable for peoples’ needs, including with partner organisations,

. The Worcestershire Coalition for Independent Living (WCIL), a User Led Organisation (ULO), is for anyone who defines themselves as having support needs,



. Older people
. Any person living with any form of disability or impairment, whether temporary or permanent, across the full age range including children aged 14+.

. People on direct payments, those who will receive personal budgets and those who fund their own care and support
. Informal or family carers, including same sex partners.

Mission Statement:
The Worcestershire Coalition for Independent Living, a User Led Organisation, aims to enable all people with support needs to contribute to shaping and directing the services that they need to live the life they choose.

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